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  • Diameter : 57mm
  • Brand : MAGICYOYO
  • Model : M05
  • Color : Black / Blue Purple / Red Silver
  • Material : Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight : 65.8g
  • Diameter : 57mm

1.Magical M05 Strong combination to create the perfect product, the game special weapon


 By MAGICYOYO and senior yo ball player Tan Junliang strong combination to create a poly professional, innovative, high-end as one of the yo-yan.


(1)MAGICYOYO: well-known yo ball brand, the most professional yo-yu ball factory, has its own yo ball processing center, its products sold at home and abroad,
For a number of world famous yo ball brand to provide OEM services


(2)Tan Junliang: China senior golf player, ten years to play the ball experience, China's long-distance game in 2010 racing champion,
2012 to 2014 for three consecutive years the German yo ball champion, South China University of Technology Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Germany Dortmund University mechanical engineering graduate.

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